Monday, October 13, 2014

Saja Suka-Suka

(Psychological test)
Complete this word in english
" K i _ _"
Then, I will tell you what type of a person
you are..! This will be interesting, Do reply 😎. Only 1 word per person ya
Skema jwpn bile semua da jwb ye.. Happy guessing!
Lai lai....jawab2..

       Forecast 
Kill:Aggressive, bold
Kilo:Intelligent, brave
King:honest , helpful
Kiss:Naughty, lazy
Kids: Possessive, overactive
Kite: Loveable, active
Kiwi: Helpful, healthy
Kick: Angry, moody
Kits: Reliable, helpful
Kink:Clever, curious
Kind:Sensible, honest
Kilt: Sexy, short temper
     Check ur answer

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